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AXE SERIES: HEAVY MIX (6 Picks) [Discontinued Material]

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These packs are remaining packaged inventory and are made from the discontinued material.

This mix pack contains TWO of each of the Heavy Axe Series picks. See sizing chart for overall pick dimensions. Thickness listed below.

  1. AXE CUT HEAVY1.5mm flat tip and two 3mm sharp chisel tips
    Color: (Electric Blue)

  2. AXE BLADE HEAVY1mm flat tip and two 3mm sharp chisel tips.
    Color: (Dusk)

  3. BATTLE AXE HEAVY: Three-sided 3mm sharp chisel tips
    Color (Deep Blues)

The new AXE Series Smooth-Edge picks have been thoughtfully designed and meticulously engineered to maximize comfort and control through our patent-pending ergonomic designs. The new geometric cat's tongue grip pattern provides a unique feel and added security to prevent unwanted pick rotation and slippage.  The curved form is designed for optimal comfort and  center hole allows contact between the players index finger and thumb for improved feel and control.


Bog street picks are uniquely manufactured one at a time and laser finished to the highest standards of quality. This process creates a continuous molded edge around all 3-sides of the pick for optimal string release. These picks are molded from a high-grade acetal copolymer called Lupital. Lupital is one of the strongest engineering plastics available and is known for its high strength, high impact resistance, and toughness. It creates a warm tone and smooth string release.