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Bog Street

AXE CUT (Original Textured) | [Discontinued] | 2020 Model & Material

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AXE CUT Textured (Original)

The 3-sided textured Axe Cut features a .6mm flat tip and two 2.0mm rounded chisel tips. This pick gives players a thin standard flat pick with light flex, and two medium-weight sharp bevel tip edges for changing up attack without changing picks. Unlike the other Axe Cut models, this pick is covered in a subtle, gritty texture for extra bite in the pick attack. This was the original version of the textured Axe Cut before the center grip texture was added.


These picks are molded from a high-grade acetal copolymer called Lupital. Lupital is one of the strongest engineering plastics available and is known for its high strength, high impact resistance, and toughness. It creates a warm tone and smooth string release.